ELLINGTON   Quality Seating Created & Built in the USA
R.A. Snively Designs creates exclusive art deco furniture and auto interiors.

R.A. Snively has been associated with quality upholstery since 1978.
  All ELLINGTON seating pieces are
hand-tooled with Old-World craftsmanship
to assure pride in ownership and to have
each piece represent the finest quality
available today.

                    From the beginning of  concept and                          design, to the smallest of final                                   details, R. A. Snively Designs                                  makes every effort to assure                                      each piece will be of heirloom                                    quality. Each piece is dated and                               signed when completed.

  ELLINGTON seating is built to special order. This allows the client to have the necessary flexability for their particular intended use.
  As an example, the embossed side panels can be ordered with a pattern of custom design, or may be ordered with several unique panel patterns offered by R.A. Snively Designs.  Also available are corporate logos for that unique corporate lobby project. 

                    The seating frame is constructed
                    from hardwoods and cabinet quality                          plywood. Each frame component is                           glued and mechanically fastened to                          assure many years of solid                                        performance. Due to the unique                               "modular" design of the frame, an                             efficient assembly allows this high-quality piece to be sold at a very affordable price.

  Each ELLINGTON seating piece features high-resiliency foam padding for a comfortable, yet firm, support. This foam has been selected for its comfort, as well as its long-wearing characteristics.

  The upholstery selection has a wide color palette as well as material type. The genuine cowhide leather is the analine-dyed type imported from Europe.

  The "faux leather" is a well-supported synthetic-backed vinyl that represents some of the finest leather substitutes available. This material is very attractive and offers the buyer an economical version of custom seating.

  When your next project calls for unique streamlined deco seating, be assured that ELLINGTON can fill the need and will last
well into the future.